Inter-Campus Mail

Inter-Campus Mail consists ONLY of University business.

Proper delivery of Inter-Campus Mail requires a full name, department name and corresponding Four digit Unit Number. Use of the Four digit Unit Numbers allows for the same sorting scheme for Campus Mail as mail received from the USPS.

For same day delivery on the storrs campus, internal mail must be received and no later than 9:00 a.m.

Inter-Campus Envelopes:
There are envelopes used repeatedly for internal mailings. Extreme caution is to be exercised when using the Inter-Office envelope, taking care that all previous markings have been masked out to ensure proper handling to the intended recipient. The addressee is always to appear on the last line, do not address between previous markings. Inter-Office envelopes can be used for mail to other state agency locations as well.

Inter-Campus Parcels:
The addressing of parcels and packages for internal distribution is of no less importance than envelope mail. It is to be treated with same diligence; that is – use full name and exact Four Digit Unit Number.
Please call Central Stores ( 6-6297) for pick up and/or delivery of internal department supplies, non-mail related items or office equipment.

As noted above UMS handles mail matter only. Transporting material that is not correspondence is handled by Central Stores.